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My name is Kevin Wu.
I don't remember what I was last doing or where I even was, but when I awoke, I was in a small bathroom.
In the mirror was the face of a man whom I've never seen before.
I don't know whether I was in the Twilight Zone or just dreaming, but if there was one thing I was relieved about, it was the fact that I wasn't sparkling.
A familiar voice over my shoulder instantly drew my attention...
...and soon led me to the realization that I was dead wrong.
I didn't just have someone's face. I was in someone else's body.
I was in Freaky Friday.
His eyes darted around the room frantically as he spoke.
"What's going on? W-Why do you have face...?"
The panic in his face was so apparent that I felt the need to take a step back.
My hands pressed back against the sink, the porcelain hard against my skin.
I was an animal in a cage: trapped.
"Just calm down..."
My new voice sounded raw and brittle in my ears. it was completely unlike mines, which romantic novelists could wax poetic about for hours on end.
As for my shaking knees, I could attribute that entirely to the other guy's weak bone structure.
Suddenly, he raised a trembling finger, pointing at the mirror...
"Hey, what is that?!"
...that now had a fine mist over it.
It seemed like someone had painstakingly traced out words with their finger.
It occurred to me that my breaths were now escaping my lips in a cloud of white.
The room had suddenly grown very cold. Yet, the first thing that I pointed out was:
"Heh...Omega? Don't tell me that someone's mistaking me for one of the Transformers, now."
"Hey! That's my name. Got it memorized?"
The bad news: He was now right behind me.
The good news: It seemed like he was calmer.
"Seemed" being the operative word.
Even still, I simply chuckled, letting none of my misgivings show.
"Your name is...Omega?"
"Hey, what are you doing turning around? Look at the mirror!"
"Well, if you want me to pay attention, then stop talk-"
The words died in my throat.
I felt torn between snickering and gaping at it in sheer horror.
I opted for taking a stab at lightening the mood.
"You know, this kind of feels like an indie-game rip-off."
Without warning, the door had slammed shut.
With Omega breathing over my shoulder, he obviously couldn't have done it, but all the same, I had to ask.
"Did you just close the door?"
I couldn't help it.
I screamed.
I leapt back
only to knock into the person standing behind me.
My sudden weight overwhelmed him, and in an instance, we went down.
With the room still spinning around me, I was only faintly aware of the red words painted across the ceiling in jagged brushstrokes, which seemed to originate from some madman's hand.
Once more, I tried to diffuse the situation.
"Oh, come on. Now they're just being blatant. I mean, seriously. How many movies have you seen with that phrase?"
Omega's grumbling voice quickly anchored me back to reality.
"Don't know and don't care. Just get off me!"
Pressing my palms to the concrete floor, I began to lift myself off the ground when a stray thought occurred to me.
"Just what are we doing...?"
"Getting back up, I hope."
Onto something more important, I ignored his impatient griping and continued to speak to myself.
Break the door.
Break the mirror.
Find a banana.
"Why have we been standing around here? Yeah, we've been no better than sitting ducks when what we really need to do is -"
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YOMYOMF: Bananaftermath
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